Research Ethics Board
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Who we are

IH REB members are researchers, clinicians, community representatives, and individuals with expertise and knowledge in law and ethics. Many are IH employees who give generously of their time in support of the ethical conduct of research.

What we do

The IH REB reviews applications for research conducted by Interior Health employees or medical staff; using IH resources; or involving IH patients, persons in care, employees, medical staff, or students, or data derived from any of the aforementioned groups. Our purpose is to ensure that ethical and other obligations of competent research are met. In doing so, the IH REB protects the research participants, the researchers and the organization.

How to apply for a research ethics review

  1. Before you begin, read the Frequently Asked Questions and review the Research Approval Algorithm
  2. Check the Research Ethics BC website to determine if you should be applying for harmonized ethical review.
  3.  If your study qualifies for harmonized ethical review, apply via the UBC RISe platform.
  4. If your study exclusively involves Interior Health, you may submit an IH REB Application for Ethical Review form, following the instructions found in this Guidance Note. 
  5. See also the Approval Algorithm and Protocol Requirements document.


Studies that will be conducted across multiple sites in BC are now eligible for harmonized ethics review. More information regarding the harmonized review process can be found at REBC.

Continuing Review
  1. Any changes to an approved research project must be submitted on the Amendments Application form.
  2. At least one month prior to the expiration date listed on your approval certificate, you must apply to the IH REB for renewal of ethical approval using the Renewals Application form
  3. Safety Reports, protocol deviations, and other reportable events must be reported to the IH REB following the guidance given in REB policy RR0900 Safety and Serious Adverse Event Reporting or RA0900 Reportable Events, as applicable.
  4. Once your research is complete, report it to the IH REB using the Closures Report.

Note: For fillable versions of all application forms (initial review, amendments, renewals, closure reports) please contact


The IH REB fee for review of commercially sponsored research is $3000 for the Initial Review and $500 for Annual Review and Renewal of Ethical Approval.  Payment is due with submission of application.

Exemption Letters

If you are leading a project that involves people or their information, but it is not for research purposes (e.g. a Quality Improvement project, an Evaluation), please refer to IH Policy AL1600 Project Ethics regarding obtaining the appropriate review and approval.  The IH REB may be able to issue an Exemption Letter if your project is not for research purposes and if it qualifies under TCPS2 Article 2.5.  

Researchers are expected to comply with
IH Research Ethics Policies and other applicable policies and legislation.  See the FAQ document for a more complete list of relevant policies and legislation.
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