Research Ethics Board
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What do we do?

The IH REB reviews proposals for research to be conducted within Interior Health by staff or physicians, or involving IH resources or people. Our purpose is to ensure that ethical and other obligations of competent research are met. In doing so, the IH REB protects the research participants, the researchers and the organization. Contact the Research Ethics Board for further information.

How to apply for a research ethics review

  1. Please see this Guidance Note for instructions on how to complete the Application form.
  2. For new applications, follow the steps outlined in the Application Process and use the Application for Ethical Review form.
  3. For amendments to an approved research study, use the Amendments Application form.
  4. For renewals, use the Renewals Application form.
  5. For closures, complete the Closures Report.

Studies that will be conducted across multiple sites in BC are now eligible for harmonized ethics review. More information regarding the harmonized review process can be found at BCEHI.

If your study involves two or more of the institutions listed above who are parties to the BC Ethics Harmonization agreement, please start the process by completing a Cover Sheet for Harmonized Studies form and submit it to Research Ethics.

Deadlines, Outcomes and Policies


The IH REB fee for review of commercially sponsored research is $3000 for the Initial Review and $500 for Annual Review and Renewal of Ethical Approval.  Payment is due with submission of application.

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