Podcasts and apps for wellness, connection and finding balance

December 21, 2021

Podcasts about mental wellness are a great way to relax, learn something new, and find inspiration, all in a convenient and entertaining package. They are especially helpful during the dark cold days of winter when we can all use a lift.

There are also an increasing number of wellness-focused Apps available.

But the sheer number of these podcasts and Apps can make choosing overwhelming. There are thousands. Where to start?

We asked our Mental Health and Substance Use team for some recommendations. Here are their Staff Picks: 


  • Unlocking Us: Researcher, speaker and best-selling author Brené Brown discusses the “universal experiences of being human, from the bravest moments to the most broken-hearted.”
  • 10% Happier: Journalist Dan Harris delves into meditation, anxiety, relationships and productivity. 
  • Feel Better. Live More: Dr. Rangan Chatterjee aims to simplify health and provides tools and tips to live a more balanced and health-focused life. 
  • Sickboy: Sickboy co-hosts interview guests who share firsthand stories, often speaking openly and frankly about death, disease, disability, and other topics that deserve to be highlighted instead of hidden in the shadows. 
  • Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend: Famous late-night host Conan O’Brien is hilarious. But he is also lonely. Listen in as he delves into intimate conversations and makes real connections. 

Reminder, if you have sensitive ears or children nearby, pay attention if there is an “E” beside the podcast episode listing - it means explicit language. 

Wellness Apps:

  • Headspace: Headspace provides meditation and mindfulness tools to help develop habits that support positive mental health.
  • Tide: With options around improved sleep and focus, as well as guided meditation and breathing, Tide is “a massage for your brain” using nature sounds and other techniques.
  • Calm: This App offers meditations, visualizations, guided breathing and sleep stories, designed to help you relax and rest.  

Don’t forget we have our own podcast. Check out Interior Voices, which explores Aboriginal health and culture. 

Happy listening! 

*Download and/or subscription fees may apply.


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