Caregiver Support
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Rest and relief from demands of care giving

Many people accessing Home & Community Care services are also cared for by someone close to them such as a husband, wife, daughter, son, or friend.

Caregiver Support is for people caring for family or friends because we understand that care giving, even when given with love, can be stressful. This program gives caregivers support for the emotional and physical demands of caring for a relative or friend.

What services are available?

Caregiver support is provided in various ways. It is available at home through Home and Community Care or outside of the home through short-term stays, called respite, in a care facility or hospice. Caregiver support is also provided through Adult Day Services or Home Support.

A caregiver is anyone who provides unpaid care and support to an adult friend or family member who: 

  • has an ongoing illness or disability 
  • is elderly 
  • is approaching the end of their life

Am I eligible?

For the provision of services, eligibility requirements for Home and Community care must be met.

Is there a cost?

Fees are dependent on where the caregiver support is being provided.

  • Facility respite – There is a daily rate, based on the Ministry of Health minimum subsidized residential monthly rate.
  • Adult Day Service – A user fee of up to $10 per day will be charged to cover costs for supplies, transportation and meals.
  • Home Support – there may be a fee, depending on your income. There is no fee for home support provided to eligible palliative clients.

Visit the costs page of our Home & Community Care section to learn more.

How do I access this service?

Find out where Caregiver Support is offered in your community. You can also access this service through your local Home & Community Care office.


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