Health Services for Community Living (HSCL)
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For adults with developmental disabilities

Health Services for Community Living (HSCL) is a Home and Community Care program that provides health services assessment, planning, and care supports to youth and adults with developmental disabilities and their families and caregivers.

Health Services for Community Living health professionals work in partnership with Community Living BC staff to provide support and services to adults with developmental disabilities and their families in British Columbia.

What services are available?

While Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) is responsible for planning and delivering services to youth and adults with developmental disabilities, Interior Health will collaborate in the delivery of specific health services for CLBC clients living in home settings. Specific services are based on the health authority’s assessment of care need, policies for the provision of health services, and the Guidelines for Collaborative Service Delivery for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (January 2010).

The HSCL program provides:

  • access to a range of non-emergency community health services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, nutrition, dental hygiene and swallowing assessments
  • professional assessment of your actual and potential health care and safety needs
  • consultation with you and your family to create and implement a plan of care designed to meet your health-care needs
  • training and support  for your family members and caregivers regarding direct care and safety needs
  • monitoring of your health for specific concerns over time
  • referrals to other health-care providers as needed
  • advocacy and referal for you to specialist care as needed

Am I eligible?

Health Services for Community Living serves people living in the community who have a developmental disability. Services are available to any BC resident, 19 years of age or older, who are eligible for services to people with developmental disabilities under the guidelines of the Community Living BC.

For youths with special needs, the HSCL program will provide assessment, planning, support, and consultation prior to age 19 in accordance with The Cross-Ministry Transition Planning Protocol for Youth with Special Needs.

Is there a cost?

HSCL health professional services are provided to you without cost.

How do I access this service?

While the majority of referrals to HSCL come from Community Living BC, anyone can refer a person to HSCL as long as they are eligible under the CLBC guidelines. This includes individuals requiring service, their family members, or caregivers.

If the person being referred to HSCL is not yet a Community Living BC client, you can start by contacting CLBC directly through web or phone and asking to speak to a facilitator.

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