Patient Safety
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Committed to quality care

Ensuring patient safety is a fundamental element of high quality health care. Providing safe, quality health care to British Columbians is a priority for Interior Health, as well as all governments, health-care professionals, organizations, and institutions.

How are we working on improving patient safety?

All Interior Health staff and physicians work together to improve safety in our facilities and programs.  The staff use a province-wide system, BC Patient Safety & Learning System (PSLS), to report events.  PSLS provides us with effective tools to facilitate reporting and follow-up of events, and automated processes that save time and increase efficiency. PSLS helps us identify ways to improve patient safety.

How are patients, clients, and families improving safety?

Your health-care providers are not the only ones responsible for ensuring your safety as a patient within the BC health-care system. You also have a role to play.

Here are some things you can do to help ensure you get the best and safest care possible as a patient in BC’s health-care system:

Other resources

Find out more about patient safety & quality initiatives, collaboratives, new research & guidelines by visiting the following sites:  


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