Mental Health Services
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​To reach your local Mental Health and Substance Use Centre for community-based supports, call: 310-MHSU (6478).

We invite you to connect with our Access Services program at your local Mental Health & Substance Use (MHSU) Centre for more information and links to services that best meet your needs.

Click on the Mental Health Services Snap Shot or the Mental Health Services for YOUTH Snap Shot for links to our mental health services and MHSU Centres.
Click on a link below for a description of that service and to find an MHSU Centre near you.
Prevention / Early Intervention Services are available to people who are at risk of or show signs of a mental health disorder.
Mental Health & Substance Use Crisis & Hospital Services respond to people experiencing an acute mental health or substance use crisis.
Community Counselling & Treatment Services provide short-term therapy for people experiencing moderate to severe mental health disorders.
Treatment, Support & Recovery Services provide ongoing illness management, support and recovery service for people experiencing serious and persistent mental illness.
Mental Health Specialty Services provide assessment, counselling and treatment services for people with specific moderate to severe mental health disorders.
Hospital-Based Psychiatric Services provide person centered, recovery-oriented and follow a Trauma Informed perspective. Emphasis is on delivering interventions that empower, build on individuals’ strengths and reinforce people’s sense of hope.
Inpatient psychiatry units have an interdisciplinary structured program consisting of individual psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, psychoeducational, group therapy, occupational therapy programs, family assessment and therapy, behavior therapy, recreational activities and electroconvulsive therapy.
Tertiary Psychiatric Services are specialized mental health services designed for people with severe mental illness that have not responded to treatment. These individuals have experienced ongoing difficulty with managing their illness and living in the community. The goal of these programs is to provide high-level care, treatment, and rehabilitation in a flexible and interactive community environment, followed by return to their home community as soon as possible. Admission to these programs are by referral only.


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