Residential and Childcare Facilities
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​The following documents provide information to assist residential and childcare operators address, remediate and manage operations to ensure public health safety, during and after wildfire events.

  • Fire retardants in source water: Precautions to take when water and food supplies have been affected by fire retardants.
  • Drinking water and use notifications: General information on drinking water notifications and food preparation and service. Floods and landslides will often result in public water advisories.
  • Power Outages at Food Facilities: Food safety considerations for facilities providing food services, after a power outage (e.g., following a wildfire event and power shut-down/evacuation).
  • Air Shelters: Information to consider regarding air filtration systems to ensure respiratory health is protected during and after wildfire events.
  • Face Mask Use: One-page handout outlining the benefits and limitations of using face masks and respirators during smoky events and how to wear this protective equipment.
  • Smoky Skies: Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) on how to protect one’s health during smoky events.
  • Assessing sewage disposal systems for damage after an emergency event: Information on how to contact an Authorized Person (AP) to assess the status of and repair your system if needed. 
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