Immunization Resources and Tools
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Note: Medical staff Fit Test training is available on the Workplace Health & Safety page. 

Information about immunization programs

Information about immunization programs for physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and other community vaccine providers across the Interior Health Region.

Influenza immunization program (2019-2020)

One-stop shop for information about this year’s seasonal influenza immunization campaign. We are currently working on these resources and will post as they are available. Please check back often.


Influenza immunization resources

Influenza immunization forms

Influenza education

Influenza Control Program 

Pharmacist immunization program

Resources for pharmacists accessing publicly funded vaccines.

Physician/CVP immunization program

Resources for health professionals, including physicians nurse practitioners and other community vaccine providers accessing publicly funded vaccines.

Tools to assist with new vaccine codes

Tools to assist you and your staff with monitoring, tracking and entering the new codes have been developed. 

One time HPV vaccine (Cervarix™) program

Beginning April 16, 2012, Cervarix™ (bivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine) will be available free to all women aged 19-21 years old (born between January 1, 1991 and December 31, 1993). These women were not eligible for the Grade 6 and Grade 9 Gardasil® (quadrivalent HPV vaccine) program.


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