Awarded Contracts
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​List of contracts awarded for contractors, consultants and suppliers

This site provides current information regarding Interior Health Capital Project’s contract awards.  Awards for opportunities Interior Health Capital Projects has posted on BCBid or has awarded resulting from select bids for design services or construction will be included in the award notification here. Bidders/Proponents may confirm the results of Interior Health Capital Projects opportunities on this page. Given the accessibility of this information, notification will not be sent under separate cover to unsuccessful bidders. As only the successful bidder/proponent will be contacted on the conclusion of the tender/RFP process, Interior Health wishes to extend their appreciation in advance to all participants  for their effort in preparing a response.

Those that have submitted responses and would like to arrange a debriefing are encouraged to send a request to the Contact Person listed in the procurement documents within 30 days from the award date.

Interior Health will endeavour to post results as soon as they are finalized.

KBH Boiler Room6318089 / SF2019055/14/2018Mechanical EngineeringStantec Consulting Ltd.
WHC LEASEHOLD IMPROVEMENTS6118214 – BG2019045/11/2018Managing ConsultantStantec Architecture Ltd.
CMH Redevelopment Project – Business Plan ELECTRICAL6218277 – SF2017255/8/2018Electrical Engineering and Planning ServicesWSP Canada Inc.
CMH Redevelopment Project – Business Plan MECHANICAL6218277 – SF2017265/8/2018Mechanical Engineering and Planning ServicesWSP Canada Inc.
CMH Redevelopment Project – Business Plan6218277 – BG2017285/4/2018Architectural and Planning Services (Managing Consultant)IBI Group Architects (Canada) Inc.
KBH Spect CT6318007 – BG2019015/3/2018Managing ConsultantStantec Architecture Ltd
EKH & IDH Medical Air Compressor Replacement SF2017235/3/2018Mechanical ContractorVenture Mechanical Systems Ltd.
PRH  PCT  Carts6117190/ RW2017025/1/2018Equipment: Anaesthesia CartCAREstream Medical
CVH General Radiographic System 6418002 / SF2019034/27/2018Managing ConsultantCover Architectural Collaborative Inc.
CMH Redevelopment Project – Programming Study Services6218277 – WR2017014/26/2018Programming Study ConsultantIBI Group Architects (Canada) Inc.
DLJ Air Conditioning 6118003 / SF2017174/13/2018Mechanical EngineeringStantec Consulting Ltd.
LIH Air Handling Unit Replacement6218016 – BG2017294/11/2018Mechanical ContractorGateway Mechanical Services Inc.
PRH Patient Care Tower – PRH PCT Carts6117190-RW2017024/10/2018Equipment: Anaesthetic cartTrudell Medical
PRH Patient Care Tower – PRH PCT Carts6117190-RW2017024/10/2018Equipment: Clean Supply CartSteven’s Company
SCH Generator Replacement6318011-WR2017034/9/2018Electrical EngineeringStantec Consulting Ltd.
MER Generator & Automatic Transfer Switch Replacement 62190014/5/2018Managing ConsultantStantec Consulting Ltd.
PRH Patient Care Tower – PRH PCT Carts6117190 – RW2017024/5/2018Equipment: Cast Carts, Medication Carts, Procedure Carts, Utility CartsSteven’s Company
KUF Urgent Family Care General Radiography System62182743/26/2018Managing ConsultantStantec Architecture Ltd.
RIH Elevator Modernization62182523/26/2018Managing ConsultantApex Elevator Consulting Inc.
KGH Surface Parking61182293/8/2018Design and Engineering ServicesAplin & Martin Consultants Ltd.
GOL Biomass Boiler Retrofit64180723/5/2018Mechanical EngineeringRocky Point Engineering ltd.


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