Competitive Procurement
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​Fair, open and transparent processes

In addition to any internal policies and guidelines, Interior Health also adheres to the applicable sections of both the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) and the New West Partnership Trade Agreement as they pertain to fair, open and transparent procurement practices.  The goal is for Interior Health to receive the best value on its projects in order to meet our service needs and also to be able to address as many projects as possible with the limited project funding available. 

Review the Capital Planning and Projects Procurement and Fair Business Practices (August 2016) which is used to guide our procurement processes.

Opportunities for consultants, contractors, vendors and others that may be involved in site or facility planning, design and construction are posted on BCBid if they are above $75,000 for consultants and above $200,000 for construction. In some cases pre-qualification lists have been developed by Interior Health and the opportunities above these thresholds are then open only to those that have been added to the relevant List of Pre-Qualified Suppliers*. All opportunities below these thresholds use the following guidelines:

  • Up to $25,000 – Award can be directed to a suitable contractor/consultant
  • Up to $75,000 – At least three quotes are requested to determine award
  • Over $75,000 – RFP/tender issued to determine award

*Note – In the cases where a pre-qualification list has been established for the services intended to be procured, notification of the opportunities would only be provided to those who are on the relevant List of Pre-Qualified Suppliers at the time the opportunity is released. There is an RFQ posted on BCBid to respond to in order to be considered for inclusion on the current pre-qualification list.

RFP sample

Interior Health’s Capital Planning and Projects (CPP) department has recently went through a comprehensive review of their primary procurement documents. This review has resulted in various terms and processes being revised to better align with current practices and ensure greater consistency and clarity. CPP is posting the template of the new RFP – which also includes the attachments relevant to the engagement of Consultants for design services – here in order to provide advanced review by firms and individuals that may anticipate responding to an RFP in the future with CPP. This is not intended to be a request for revisions, however, if you have any questions regarding the new format, please contact CPP for clarity. This RFP template is posted for information only and any subsequent RFP that is posted for a specific engagement will be the only source of any instructions for that specific RFP process.

Pre-qualified suppliers

The following are the suppliers that are currently pre-qualified through Interior Health’s Request for Qualification (RFQ) process:

The above lists are continuously open for on-going submission of qualifications to Interior Health for consideration.  Suppliers are not required to re-submit their qualifications unless they have been removed from the list by Interior Health as provided for in the RFQ or if the supplier has had a change in personnel that would change their qualifications.

Although not deemed to be a ‘pre-qualification’ process, it is highly recommended that contractors and consultants respond to the Request for Information (RFI) posted on BCBid to register their Insurance and WorkSafeBC details.  Doing this in advance of any procurement process will expedite the project start up documentation requirements, ultimately allowing the project to be underway sooner after the contract award.  It should be noted that for specialized or larger projects, this registration may not be applicable due to specific insurance requirements for the engagement.  The details of this are outlined in the RFI.


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