Local Governments and the Public
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​The following documents and links provide information on air quality and wildfire-related issues. For information related to your specific health situation, contact your local physician.

Local governments operating a food facility should refer to the Wildfire Information for Operators of Food Services Establishment page for specific food facility operations information.

  • Air shelters: One-page handout providing an overview of the impacts of wildfire smoke on individual and on how to protect yourself through Clean Air Shelters.
  • Face mask use: One-page handout outlining the benefits and limitations of using face masks and respirators during smoky events and how to wear this protective equipment.
  • Smoky skies: Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) on how to protect one’s health during smoky events.
  • Wildfire: It’s effect on Drinking Water Quality.
  • Food safety after a fire: Basic food safety information for homeowners, outlining what foods should be discarded and what foods may be kept.
  • Fire retardants in source water: Precautions to take when water and food supplies have been affected by fire retardants
  • Current public water notifications: Searchable database identifying public water systems that are on a boil water notice, water quality advisory or other water notification.
  • Assessing sewage disposal systems for damage and repair: Information on how to contact an Authorized Person (AP) to assess and repair your system.
  • Sewage systems and flooding – Outlines safety, sanitation and clean-up of sewage systems during and after flooding.


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