Substance Use Services
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​To reach your local Mental Health and Substance Use Centre for community-based supports, call: 310-MHSU (6478).
We invite you to connect with our Access Services program at your local Mental Health & Substance Use (MHSU) Centre for more information and links to services that best meet your needs.
Click on the Substance Use Services Wh​eel (circular diagram), Substance Use Services Snap Shot (linear diagram) or Substance Use Services for YOUTH Snap Shot (linear diagram) for links to our substance use services and MHSU Centres.
Click on a link below for a description of that service and to find an MHSU Centre near you.
For information about opioid overdose, public health emergency, and overdose prevention, visit the Overdose Emergency page.  
Prevention / Early Intervention Services are provided to people who are at risk of or show signs of substance misuse or mild substance use disorder.
  • Substance Use Resources contains links to a wide variety of online mental health resources.
  • If you are in crisis and not able to visit or get in touch with your local MHSU Centre, please contact the Interior Crisis Line Network (24 hours) at 1-888-353-2273​ for immediate assistance.
  • Preventure is a school based substance use prevention program.
  • School Based / Youth Outreach Services are provided by Substance Use counsellors in select high schools and communities to youth experiencing substance use challenges in the school setting.
Low Barrier Services are low threshold services intended to meet people where they are at and offer multiple entry points into appropriate services as they are ready.
Mental Health & Substance Use Crisis & Hospital Services provide intervention for people experiencing an acute mental health or substance use crisis.
Outpatient Treatment Services provide community-based individual and group counselling, case management or day treatment programs.
Withdrawal Management Services provide support through acute stages of withdrawal from alcohol or other drugs in an inpatient or home-based setting. This service is generally not recommended for Opioid Use Disorder (see Opioid Agonist Treatment).
Facility Based Treatment Services are structured inpatient programs usually delivered in a licensed facility These services evaluate, diagnose, and treat the symptoms or disabilities associated with substance use disorder. Community based, Outpatient Treatment options should be explored first.
Support Recovery Beds offer time-limited substance-free live-in settings, for people who are experiencing low to moderate substance use.
  • Health Authority funded beds are available to all Interior Health residents. These facilities are required to be registered as an Assisted Living Residence and are available in Cranbrook, Armstrong, William Lake, Nelson, Vernon, Kelowna, Kamloops and Merritt.
  • Additional private support recovery beds are also available outside of the health authority in many communities. Residents are encouraged to research these services carefully as Mental Health & Substance Use does not does not oversee services it does not fund.

To learn more about planning to enhance substance use services at Interior Health see the Substance Use Strategic Framework (2020 – 2025).

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