Board Committees
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Providing assessments and recommendations

There are five Board committees established by our Board. Board committees focus on specific issues and provide the Board with assessments and recommendations to assist with its decisions. They are made up of at least three Board Directors, plus a non-voting membership consisting of members of the Board and Executive. Each committee has terms of reference outlining its authority and responsibility.

Audit & Finance committee

This committee is responsible to the Board for all financial matters of the Interior Health Authority, including:

  • reviewing and examining of all financial objectives, policies, programs, and practices that are required to provide sound financial management and to safeguard assets; and
  • reviewing of the audited financial statements of the Interior Health Authority prior to submission to the Board and to provide the auditors with a means of access to the Board in order to preserve their independence in their relationship with management.

Governance & Human Resources committee

This committee provides a focus on both governance and human resources that will enhance Interior Health’s performance by:

  • assessing and making recommendations to the Board regarding Board and committee effectiveness

  • provides direction regarding director development
  • leads process for recommending director criteria to the Government for consideration
  • assisting the Board in fulfilling its obligations relating to human resources and compensation matters
  • establishing a plan of continuity and development for senior management
  • overseeing development and implementation of human resources strategy, policy, and practices

Quality committee

This committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibility to ensure excellent quality of patient, client, and resident care throughout the health authority by:

  • ensuring that the Interior Health Authority’s Leadership Team establishes an appropriate patient, client, resident-centred, and performance-based quality culture;
  • providing support, input, and governance as the Interior Health Authority’s Leadership Team establishes and monitors performance targets, standards of care and service, guidelines and policies for patients, clients, and residents, while reducing associated risks; and
  • advising the Board on the Health Authority’s progress and population health performance.

Strategic Priorities committee

This committee provides a focus on strategic priorities that will enhance Interior Health's performance by:

  • advising the Board on the Health Authority's strategic planning with respect to adequacy and sustainability
  • monitoring performance of the organization in achieving goals and performance expectations
  • ensuring the development, implementation and monitoring of regional emergency preparedness, communications strategy, ethics framework and enterprise risk management

Stakeholders committee

This committee assists the Board in supporting management-led external and internal communications responsibilities and supports Board specific goals and objectives with respect to stakeholder relations. 

Terms of reference


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